Forum Feature Request - Android Chrome Notifications

You should add support for Chrome for Android built in site notifications.
With this, I can get notifications from the web app if add add this site to the homescreen.
This would be very useful.

This has been enabled server-side. You should be able to install the forums as an app via your Chrome browser and enable push notifications.


Yeah, just got the update today. It was nice.

Oh nevermind… now it works

Doesn’t work for me though.

Huh, thats wierd. Before it didn’t work but when the site migrated, it asked me to allow notifications when I visited it.
Perhaps clear your browser’s cache.

It asked me too. Can you pm me, in order to test?

I PM’d you, did it work?

Turns out I get a notification only if I close the app but it is still running in background & I’m online.

Do you have Samsung? Usually, I always have issues with Samsung. Im on a Pixel 2 XL and always get notifications wether the app is swiped from recents or still running.

Can u please try again in 2 mins, okay? Give me some time to go offline.