Frame Skip in Config?

In the config.ini file of Citra, there’s a line called “frame_skip” and it’s assigned a value. I tried inserting numbers and Citra didn’t do anything.

Is frame skip possible now with Citra? That would certainly increase the performance. I saw a post a year ago discussing this, but Citra has received massive updates since then. If it’s possible, how would I do it?

If not, then I’m wondering, why is that line sitting there in the config? Was it meant to be implemented but not yet programmed? If so, I really hope to see it implemented soon.

Frame skipping was removed a long time ago since it was broken. It was never meant for users. You are most likely still using the same config file from back then so that is why you are still seeing it in there. If Citra generates a new config file, it won’t be there.

I have an old build with frameskipping but as Leo121 said it was broken. None of the games i tried booted. Just music playing in the background and black screen.

Yeah I’m using a config file from the Edge builds. Do you think the frame skip function will be implemented? It would potentially increase performance.

We have no plans on implementing frame skip right now, but maybe that will change later. With the huge changes coming to Citra soon, I’m sure it won’t be required for those, who have a dedicated GPU.

What kinda huge changes r u talking about @GDhex12 ? I visit the GitHub daily but I don’t see anything that huge… (EDIT: Wait, I think I’ve got an idea what u r talking abt. I’ll pm u)

could someone tell me about these “HUGE” changes?
I want to know

You realized this is from over 2 years ago (February 2018)?
The “huge” change was probably the Hardware Renderer updates that has been in Citra Nightly and Canary since March 2018 which finally made every game playable at full speed.

ooohh, thanks, i didn’t notice it