Frame stepping help?

Someone mentioned that I could do frame stepping with Pica breakpoints earlier, and they never followed up on HOW to do it. my computer’s an i7 with windows 10 if that really matters.

I take it you aren’t the kind of person that likes to explore? Because if you look around you would see this.

Next step should be easy to figure out.

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I still can’t figure it out, what do I do from here?

I’m disappointed…

You have 1/8 chance to check the correct box, you could have tested each one-by-one(which would only take like a couple of minutes). Experiment for a bit and you should be able to get it, it’s really not difficult at all.

Hint: When the correct box is checked, the game will freeze(NOTE: all of them freezes the game but only two of them will work for ‘frame stepping’) then you simply spam that Resume button while it’s checked to “frame step”.

If you fail now, then I will be pretty speechless. If you do figure it out, I hope you facepalm at yourself and say: “wow, was it this easy? and it took me a couple of days to figure it out? -_-”.

Sorry if I’m rude but I expected you would do some testing first and not just wait for the answer.