Freezing before loading ROM

I tried 3 different games and all shows the same error:

core\hle\service\apt\apt.cpp:Service::apt::init:1004: Unable to load shared font
core\gdbstub\gdbstub.cpp:GDBStub::Init:938: Starting GDB server on port 24689
core\gdbstub\gdbstub.cpp:GDBStub::Init:972: Waiting for gdb to connect…

Then the console freezes

Setup is:
Intel Core i7 860
AMD RX 280
Windows 10 Pro x64 V1607 Build 14393.1593

Disable the GDB stub in the Debug menu of Citra.

And you haven’t dumped your shared fonts

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This solved part of the problem. Thanks!

That message will always appear if you don’t have the shared fonts on startup. What matters is if the shared fonts are requested while the game is running.