Friends can't enter my room, nor can I in theirs, but in SOME strangers rooms, yes

I think it is time for this problem to be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

“Unable to connect to the host. Verify that the connection settings are correct. If you still cannot connect, contact the room host and verify that the host is properly configured with the external port forwarded.”

I create a public room, nobody can enter.

My friend creates a public room, no one can enter.

My other friend creates a public room, no one can enter.

We try to enter the public rooms of strangers who do not use a password, and in many it gives the same error, while in others we manage to enter normally. The rooms that give error are the same for us, and the ones that work too.

There is clearly a problem where so much users are unable to create function rooms, perhaps even most.

We all followed each of the instructions carefully, and I read several topics just like mine in search of a solution, but none of the suggestions worked and neither did I see any of the authors of the topics saying that something suggested worked for them.

We were able to play online normally in other emulators, like Project64 and Dolphin.

We can even play online at Citra using strangers’ rooms, but the games have a lot of lag, I think because there are a lot of people in the room (even if the game itself is just me and my friend), since in other emulators we don’t have any lag problems. Do you know how to confirm if the number of people in the room or whoever hosts it influences something? Or would the lag be the same if I were the host and we had just me and my friend in the room? if you tell me that the lag would be equal, I give up on solving the problem and forget about Citra for online matches.

I will not describe my settings and my .log file as it is a collective problem that occurs with the most different personal technical information. The only point in common is that everyone I know used Windows 10 when they created the rooms, so perhaps the problem just doesn’t occur with anyone using other operating systems.

Thank you in advance for all the support!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

When setting up a multiplayer room you need to make sure you set your router up for port forwarding, otherwise people will not be able to join. You’ll have to google how/look for your router’s manual in order to set it up (it’s different per router model). I’ve heard of some people getting it to work using Hamachi as well.

As for your question about the rooms lagging with higher amounts of people in it…I dunno. Never tested it, though I assume there’s some truth in it.

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Thanks! I’ll try with Hamachi, so … That’s what I use for 64 online.

Do I just enter into a room with my friend at Hamachi and copy the Hamachi port to the emulator?

I’m afraid I’m not much help when it comes Hamachi. I’ve just heard about users managing to make multiplayer work using Hamachi to circumvent the port forwarding issue. Now that I think about it, they may have just been using the Direct Connect option. You’d have to fool around with it a bit to see what works and what doesn’t.

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It worked with Hamachi!

Basically I created a room in Hamachi, my friend entered it, then I created a room in the emulator by typing the Hamachi port (which are the four digits after the “/”). I left the public room, but error persists when he tried to enter, but he tried to go in the direct connection option, put my IP, the Hamachi port and it worked.

Thank you very much!

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