Fullspeed and yet terrible sound?

So I was checking Citra emulator and I tested it lat year and it was a bit slow on my PC back then (i52400). Now I have a new PC with a Pentium G4560, and with that (and probably the emu has gotten faster) I get fullspeed.

I was testing Zelda Ocarina of Time, if I remove the vsync/frame limiter, the game runs at about 120/100 fps so yeah, there is no problem with speed in my setup.

The thing is, the music and sound is horrible!! It this because of Citra bad audio emulation or is it me only?

I also use a 660ti as GPU.

Thank you guys and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with sound in this emu.

Ocarina of TIme 3D is a 30 fps game so running the game at 120 fps would make the game run at 4X the speed. So obviously if the game is running at 4X the speed then the audio will be running at 4X as well which makes the audio sound “terrible”.

3DS games are designed to run at either 30 or 60 fps. The frame limiter is there for reason. Also you should leave Vsync off. IIRC Vsync made performance worse so the frame limiter was made as sort of replacement for it.

Oh, thanks, but when I mentioned the 120fps thing was to make clear that I don’t have problems with speed. Of course I run the Emu using frame limit.

What I have found is that turing audio stretching to OFF, makes the sound less cracky, now I will try to use Vsync off as you suggested. Thanks!

One last question? Couldn’t sound be better if we had some way to use LLE sound? I mean ripping the sound ROM/NAND/etc from our own 3DS and using it to emulate the sound at low level emulation (LLE)?

Like we used to do on Dolphin that is.

Thanks again!