Fully Functional Citra Minimum System Requirements

A lot of questions on community about their “Computer spec. and how will it affect citra’s performance” in general. though we already have that answered on citra’s main page “Minimum System Requirement” but i don’t think that really address the problem, cuz that’s not what you guys really want to ask. what you guys really want to know is some sort of “Minimum computer spec. benchmark for solid performance on citra” so you guys can compare your pc with, isn’t?. Though honestly speaking info on citra’s minimum requirements holds true but some games need more so im making this thread based on my exp and anyone can pitch in to help citra community.So here goes.

Minimum For Solid Performance on Games in GENERAL

OS: ANY(Windows/Linux/Mac) as long as its 64bits
CPU: Intel 7th Gen And AMD counterpart of it (with built in GPU prefered like ryzen G or Athlon)
RAM: 4GB 2400mhz ddr4
HardDisk: 500 GB
IF POSSIBLE EXTERNAL GPU: Nvidia GT 900 series+ and Radeon’s counterpart

IMPORTANT: note this is not official i just made this as a reference/benchmark in my attempt to organize those support request (example. my pc is slower but my other pc is faster and etc.).

Reasons for my choices:

OS: 64bits got better graphic support and 32bits program can be played on 64bits but 32bits can’t use 64bits programs.
CPU: thanks to current trend on data mining or bit mining which ever you prefer, GPU prices sky rockets, so for practical(budget-arians) peoples we have no choices but to rely on built in gpu cores and citra works good with openGL support. example intel 7th gen i3 support high lvl of openGL.
RAM: i choose 4GB cuz built in gpu share ram with cpu. and 2GB isn’t enough specially on windows and don’t make wrong assumptions like, if the game is smaller it requires smaller, no bro doesn’t work that way. im using 2gb, im prone to lagging/hanging and i found out its not citra’s fault its the graphic load my ram wasn’t big enough to handle it and my game was just 500mb+.
HardDisk: Games are big and 500GB is common.

PS: CITRA is a growing program might require more in the future.