Function "Blow" in Citra

I wanted to ask the users of the forum how to make fun the function “Blow” in the emulator to achieve progress in the Capitan Toad Game, as it is stopped at level 14 of the game.

Microphone support is not implemented currently. The only workaround for now is to transfer your save to your 3DS to bypass it and transfer it back to Citra.

I think can simulate blow by press the button on some where of emulator to by pass. Does any one do this?

Citra does not emulate the mic at all.

but it could, it should haha
but seriously, i think it would be a great added feature! After all, this emulator works realllly great! so might aswell have every feature of it to make it Complet :slight_smile:
is it something worked on or not currently?

Currently, it is not being worked on.