Future fix for Bravery Second?

This isn’t really an issue but rather a question. So I can’t help but notice that for awhile now, Bravery Default and Bravery Second have been ‘Great’ compatibility-wise. As awesome as it is to have these so stable, it got me wondering. Bravey Default: For the Sequel is a Japanese release only BUT only you get into the game, you can change the language to English and the whole game is translated. Knowing this, because it is a Japanese region only game, will it forever be labeled as ‘Untested’ or do you think it’s worth special treatment considering the full translation? I mean if the other two games are working ‘Great’, For the Sequel is built on the same engine and would likely working in much the same way, though a hack might be nice to make it english from boot but do you think it will ever be possible have Citra running a secondary region for specific games? I dunno, its an interesting case of a game being fully translated but not really and it being locked behind a region unnecessarily. Just food for thought =)
Love your work everyone! <3

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