Game Compatibility confusion


I’m interested in helping out where I can in citra (I don’t code and I’m not financially able to donate) so I was going to test the games that are labeled as “not tested” on the compatibility page. I’m finding some games that are labeled as “not tested” but when clicking on the link they have noted like they are tested? for example

Aero Porter
Asphalt 3D
Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

to name a few all have testing notes on their pages but they remain labeled as “not tested”. Is this note enough information to change the color from black to whichever color they should have?

when clicking on the link they have noted like they are tested

i see no user tests on those titles, the compatibility section has no user submissions.


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate runs near flawlessly in Citra, although the framerate can be a little bumpy at times. Powerful hardware recommended. It have some audio issues and in-game slow downs on low end hardware, while the story parts runs perfectly.

they are posted in the summary section instead of the Compatibility section

This is a reminiscent setting of the old compatibility submission system (at least i think).
but it makes sense to have that, since an contributor has to at least open the game to submit screenshots, may as well tell how the game runs, other contributors submit through the emulation (Help > Report Compatibility)

I asked the same question referencing your thread and got an answer. In order to update that facet of the compatibility report you need to run the game in question and generate a compatibility report from within Citra by going to help > report compatibility. You cannot do it from the website like editing the wiki.