Game Compatibility List (fantasy life) (trying to help)

I don’t know how to help with the list so I am trying to help here.
I noticed that fantasy life is not listed so I am telling my EXP with it.
for me, fantasy life runs very well.
the problems are:-

  1. the speed is a bit slow (maybe due to the fact that I use a multi-core PC).
  2. the slow speed makes the music a problem it gives a headache so u may need to switch off the BGM.
  3. the graphics effects don’t show. that is the long range magic, arrows, etc. don’t show, the light effects for attacks skills etc don’t show, skills by monsters don’t show, etc.(most likely due to geometry shaders).
    other than that I have found no bugs.
    so far I have not needed any workarounds.
    so I would say fantasy life is great-perfect
    hope this helps.

If you want to contribute to the Citra compatibility list, read this.

I have no clue what all that means…
I am clueless at programming…

You don’t need to know programming, only how to use Github. You will need a Github account, fork the repo, create the entry on your repo, and then open a pull request. You can study one of the entries to see how it’s done (Ocarina of TIme 3D for example). Also speed isn’t taken into account when rating compatibility.

The process will be made easier in the future where it can done through the emulator.

can u like me to a tutorial on how to use Github?
I don’t understand anything written on

There are various GitHub help articles here.