Game crash on selecting savestate

*Game crash:
I have recently *successfully transferred my save state from one phone to another. But on opening the game and selecting that particular savestate, my screen becomes white and the game crashes.

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Save states don’t always like being transferred, as they are designed for really single sessions of use. Double check that it was from the same version of the emulator. If not, you just can’t load that save state. Remember to use in-game saves, as save states are not meant to be used as an alternative.

What Jaffa said, also, transferring save states, and then loading them on a different device breaks Citra’s virtual file system within that loaded emulation state. Which disallows saving in-game, accessing screenshots, or basically anything else the game needs to load from SDMC or NAND. As such, never do this. Transfer your in-game save file from your other device instead.