Game restarts when I press start on my controller

There isn’t much information I can provide about this because it’s a pretty strange issue - essentially, whenever I press the start button, the game reboots to the title screen. It happens in Link Between Worlds, and I don’t have any other roms, but I believe this is a system issue, not a game issue. I have not got the start button mapped to anything, I have no external controller programs running, and none of the hotkeys are mapped at all - so honestly I have no idea how this is possible, let alone why it’s happening.

Please get back to me about this soon as I keep pressing the button on reflex and it’s making me lose a lot of save data by accident.

Thank you so much

There isn’t anything of note in the log that I can see, but I’ll send it along since you guys obviously know a lot more than I do:

citra_log.txt.old.txt (143.4 KB)

Let’s reset your configuration for sanity’s sake. Go to Emulation>Configure>General and select Reset All Settings. Now restart Citra and map your controller in the Controls settings, and test your game again.