Gamecube Controller Configuration

Per the FAQ, I assumed the controller configuration menu was working. I attempted to use my MayFlash adapter for a GCN controller. However upon attempted to change the inputs. I ended up having automated inputs put in for me. Anybody know how to fix this?

That seems like a deadzone issue. You can calibrate your controller manually in Windows “Devices and Printers” settings.

I have already calibrated my controller previously and It works perfectly fine when I use it for other emulators. I just tried calibrating it again and no luck. Any other possible solutions?

Hey lazy_breeze, I just signed up to tell you that I MAY have found a solution.

I was having the same problem as you were having, but I found that the L & R triggers were the culprit.

So assuming that you’re using that Wii U GCN Adapter software (the one that uses vJoy), what I did was:
A) Go to configuration and adjust the deadzones for L/R-triggers to 90%, then save and close.
B) Go to Windows Gampad Info, then click properties, and then calibrate the stick.

This took me an hour to figure it out, but not only did I fix the input problem, I also calibrated the control stick to go all the way.

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@game_cube Can you link the software that you are using? I got the same problem as Lazy Breeze :confused:

You may find the Dolphin GameCube adapter guide of interest. Namely, it mentions Zadig.