Games do not open me on my mobile (sammsung galaxi s22 ultra) Please help me

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Thanks you did not know.

I see the issue. Your phone uses a custom AMD GPU that uses a translation layer (Vulkan to OpenGL ES) to run OpenGL apps. Citra uses OpenGL to render games, however, emulators like Citra use the driver in ways that most phone manufacturers do not expect. This leads to issues with stuff like translation layers.

I’m afraid you’ll need to wait for Vulkan to be properly implemented before you can use Citra on that device.

How much beria to expect to be able to use citra.

“beria”? I don’t know what you mean by that.

How long should I wait to use citra

We’ll make an announcement on twitter, Discord and on the forums on when Vulkan is added to the latest Nightly builds. But it will go into the Canary builds much sooner than that, most likely before the next month.