Games sharing save file

Hi guys, first time here.

so i have a 3ds and almost all the pokemon games. and i always watched the hack roms dreamin in one day be able to play them. so doin resarch i found out about citra and a way to play them…but the games are sharing the save file! like pokemon sinkin saphire shares the same save file of pokemon star saphire… it is possible that each game has his own save file?

They share the same since saves since they share the same title IDs. You can use portable mode as a workaround for this.

Download another Citra build manually (click Manual download on the download page) and extract it somewhere. Copy the contents of the user directory and paste it in a folder named user (you will have to create this) in the folder you extracted. Use this Citra build for either Alpha Sapphire or Sinking and the Citra build you normally use for the other one.

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Thx Leo i will try that!