Games Stutters too much

Games in yuzu are very fast when loading and in the homepage (starting page) of games, the speed would be very fast too (101%/100%), but when I start a match, games would stutter and the speed would go slowly down to 0%, and after it says building shaders (1), it would start working again. This problem wad very similar to Citra. When I load a game in Citra, the games would be very fast on the starting page of games too. But after I unchecked the “use disk shader cache” and “dump textures” in graphics settings, the games would be very fast (no stuttering , even in fullscreen with audio on). I was wondering if there is a fix like this for yuzu, because it seems to be able to run games very fast with no graphic glitches, only lags. Unchecking the same settings in yuzu doesn’t help and using shaders doesn’t work either.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Stutter happens when is building shader cache in the new region in the game, and it is the same if it is shader cache on or off, off is worst it will stutter more often than when is on, on has shader cache build from previous visit in that region in the game, but some times still builds shader cache for that region in the game, and some times when you install new GPU Driver, and I don’t think is a fix for this.

If you have an NVIDIA GPU, enable Use Assembly Shaders under Configure > Graphics > Advanced

Also, enable Use asynchronous shader building, this makes use of multiple threads to compile shaders at the cost of graphical pop-in and some minor issues as shaders are building. You can disable this setting once you have built most of the shaders.

Furthermore, enable multicore by clicking on the MULTICORE button at the bottom-left of the window.

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I have this settings set, but I forget to say it, it has some lower FPS when building shader cache but not to low than 10FPS, depends on what rig you have or the game compatibility.
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The citra bot is so annoying

Anyways, I am using AMD, so will this work for me?

Do you have the latest AMD GPU Driver.

I have amd ryzen 3 ( I’m not sure if there is a new update). Also, in the bottom left corner, would I need async and dock?

I am playing smash ultimate right now. I started the game with 60fps with no stutters or graphics issues. But right after I started a game, it went straight down to 2 fps then 0fps. The loading symbol is spinning very fast but it is taking a long time to start a game. Is there any fix for this?

Now it is stuck on building shaders (1) and then it closed itself. That never happened before.

Upload a log as citrabot instructed.

I is there any way to cause it not to stutter and build shaders?
Anyways, here is the log:
yuzu_log.txt (384.8 KB)

Your game files have some corruption. Redump them from your Nintendo Switch.

Each time I play the game, it loads faster and runs better. But is there is fix because it lags a lot too.

Update your GPU driver.

Okay, but is my game file really corrupted?

I am developer with M2. Who maintains 3ds core? English not my first language so sorry if it is bad.

We are finished with line of Sega Ages games for Nintendo. My personal hobby is to maintain and preserve games on my hard drive.

However, most of Sega Ages games for 3DS do not work with Citra emulator.

I want Thunderblade and Fantasy Zone 2 to work. However they crash after intro menu is loaded when play is pushed.

Please let me know who I speak to about this. Thank you