Games working in citra

Hi here is a llittle list of some games that I have and they are running just 3 of them have glitches but you just open the map or save the game and reset and you can continue playing

  1. Fire Emblem special edition USA (Glitch)
    2.Inaazuma Eleven go chronostone thunderflash Eurpoe (gllitch)
  2. Inazuma eleven go light multi (glitch)
  3. Persona Q shadow of the labyrinth EUR
    5.Pokemon moon USA (sometimes yellow lines appear)
    6.Pokemon mistery dungeon gates to infinity USA
    7.Samurai Warriors chronicles USA

what do you mean by Glitch? is the game freezing or stuck without option to continue?

He means “I can’t provide useful information and I don’t know why I’ve made this post”. Seriously, I don’t see the point

A compatibility database is being worked on so users won’t have to rely ones that will probably be outdated or buried. Just give some time.

I mean for example in inazuma eleven go light there is one part that you cross the door after you cross you can still view the player but everything goes pitch black so you cant aadvance but if you press the x to open the map and then close it everything appear and you can continue playing