General tips for speeding Citra up?

Any tips for speeding citra up? I’m trying to play PKMN ORAS on my laptop, but only achieving around 20-30% speeds with nothing over 30fps.

you can buy a better cpu which is expensive and not recommended thing to do

you can stick to using a 3ds console

you can wait for optimization…(will take a long time)

that is what you can do pretty much

Leave V-sync off and set the Internal Resolution to a lower resolution. Changing the log_filter to Critical may also help. You can do this by editing qt-config.ini (Press Windows key + R and enter %appdata%/citra/config/qt-config.ini). By default it’s set to Info so make sure you revert it back to this if you want to report issues.

Other than that, wait until performance improves.

I’ve heard the same thing, but I’ve never seen that actually impact my FPS. I’d love to hear if someone has tried that and seen any improvements. I was even testing it in Pokemon Sun/Moon where theres a huge amount of log spam.

I don’t see much of difference with the games I’ve tried but I remember the intro in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon where the log would spam non-stop about camera warnings and changing the log_filter seemed to have sped it up.

changing the log_filter helps if it’s spamming a lot.

Also if you get the info of microprofile while the game’s playing, it can help us check what’s really slowing you down.

To find microprofile go to debug->microprofile. Activate exclusive timers and set profiling on in ARM JIT, GPU and OpenGL.

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