Generating two console id


Did I miss something to connect 2 Citra?

How are you trying to connect?
you should create a room, Multiplayer > Create Room with 1 citra instance
and Multiplayer > Direct Connect to Room with the other citra instance.

create and connect using the same port. you can find your IP by (open CMD, type in ipconfig /all and find the ipv4)

Thank you very much for your help i really appreciate it

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hey I have a Mac and I can’t create two separate IDs, they copy each other. Help please?

i have the same issue as kneegrow2

Locate your citra installation folder (1) (its where the citra app is located), duplicate this folder, inside this duplicate folder create a new folder and name it user.

Open the citra-qt app inside this duplicate folder, open your first (1) citra-qt app, create a room with one and direct connect with the other (connect using IP or leave the IP empty), also use the same port that you’ve used to create the room.

Hello. I have the same issue