Generic error on gamestartup

Generic error on gamestartup
If I want to start the game then the screens remain black and I get this error.

System Information


[ 0.930673] Service.FS core\hle\service\fs\fs_user.cpp:OpenFileDirectly:133: failed to get a handle for archive archive_id=0x2345678A archive_path=[Binary: 020201009b00040000ffffff02000000]

Try dumping your home folder from your 3DS.

Why should I dump the home folder? Do you have any reason?

you need to add it to citra so the game can boot

And how? Sorry but I’m a noob :frowning:

Thanks for your help but in the new firmware from nintendo (11.4.0-37E) was homebrew patched :frowning:


New 3DS can use *hax/Homebrew Launcher on 11.4, Old 3DS/2DS can’t right now.

As stated by the announcements page on the Nintendo Homebrew discord.

I have a old 3DS and can’t use homebrew now :c

Join the Nintendo Homebrew discord, or browse the 3DSHacks reddit. Once they find a way to get *hax running on 11.4 for O3DS, you’ll hear about it there.