Geometry shaders

Are geometry shaders expected to make a return to the bleeding edge builds

the current maintainer of the GS branch is taking a break from working on it. so TBD on that one

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They will, but as RavenHome said, the creator of the GS Branch is in a break.
So, go and try a Citra Bleeding Edge build before the 90 one (as they couldn’t merge the GS Branch from that revision on, if I’m not wrong) if you want Geometry Shaders.

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Well, I’m using Bleeding 86 to play Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Without Geometry Shaders the character’s 3D textures crashes horrifyingly. Is there any new news about the feature yet? as old as the version is it seems to run much more slowly than the current one(But at least characters don’t crash!)

GS have already been updated but they will not be added because of the reason listed here

Nope, I don’t currently have a version which works with the latest version of Citra.
Files were moved around so git got confused. Also my latest version didn’t account for all changes done by yuriks around January.
Anyhow, I intend to finish this soon (I’m more and more focusing on xbox emulation currently, so I really want to make sure that all my Citra stuff is finished first).


Thank you for working on this Jay! I can’t wait to see Geometry Shaders implemented in the newest build!