GitHub DMCA / Takedown

Hi all,

Just a quick question to the devs: Have you created backups of your yuzu github page and all the associated issues and pull requests?
Nintendo being Nintendo, your GitHub repo will get taken down sooner or later, and I propose that in case this happens, you should have a plan about where to move your code. Let’s not waste our time discussing whether this will happen or not. It will. So the focus should be on preparing everything so that you are able to quickly move on when it happens.

A fan of the project concerned about Nintendos shitty behavior

I’m unsure why you would think that. Nintendo hates both yuzu and Citra for sure but they have no legal basis to take down either project.

Emulation is legal, emulation development is legal so long as it as a result of reverse engineering. Which is the case. I also rather doubt that they’re willing to take the incredible amounts of bad publicity to go after a legal emulation project that is already widespread on the internet. Even if they won by throwing a lawyer army at yuzu, what would that accomplish at this point? Nothing. Literally nothing.

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Thank you for your response.

Nintendo clearly states on its website that it doesn’t like emulators (and will do everything in their power to fight them)

I’m just worried, that’s all. And there’s been so many good projects on GitHub that have been taken down. I would hate it if your emulator gets added to that list.

I just hope you have a backup of all the github stuff, just in case.