Google Play Store Update?

Quick question…

Is there any indication as to when the Google Play Store version of Citra will be updated with the most recent changes?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news on this, and it seems to be something the community (especially over at r/emulationonandroid) is interested in finding out. It’d be great to know if this is coming in the near future or if there’s still likely to be a longer wait.

Thanks in advance!

Playstore is scheduled to be updated soon, there previously was issue trying to pus out updated. You can always grab a more up-to-date GitHub build in the meantime.

Any chance there is more of a specific timeline other than ‘soon’?

Based on previous comments I’ve encountered both here and on the official Discord channel, ‘soon’ or ‘in the next few months’ has been stated for quite a long time now.

It’d be great if there were a bit more clarity so we can all manage our expectations.

I am not a member of the development team, so I don’t have a time frame of when it will be updated, however it should be sometime in 2024.