Got error while downloading config: [object ProgressEvent]

when i ready to install yuzu that it show error messsage like " yuzu Installer

Got error while downloading config: [object ProgressEvent]"

i look the yuzu_instller.log

[22:12:50][liftinstall][INFO] yuzu installer
[22:12:50][liftinstall][INFO] Starting fresh install
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::rest::server][INFO] Spawning server instance @ V6([::1]:49444)
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::rest::server][INFO] Spawning server instance @ V4(
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::ui][INFO] Spawning web view instance
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making HTTP request to /api/dark-mode
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making HTTP request to /api/installation-status
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Vue started
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making HTTP request to /api/config
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::rest::services::config][INFO] Downloading configuration from “”…
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::rest::services::config][ERROR] HTTP error while downloading configuration file: Error(Hyper(Error(Connect, Os { code: 11004, kind: Other, message: “请求的名称有效,但是找不到请求的类型的数据。” })), “”)
… 5 times …
[22:12:50][hyper::server][ERROR] server connection error: ([::1]:49450) message is incomplete
[22:12:50][liftinstall::frontend::js][ERROR] Got error while downloading config: [object ProgressEvent]

my computer system is windows 7 64 chinese version.
i can get message from “” when i use chrome browser

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Seems like a download problem. Try again later or if needed use a manual download.