GPU Mode on Nightly builds

Will the GPU mode soon be available on the Nightly build or will this only exists in Canary?

It will be available eventually. We can’t give out ETAs.

Ok, I guess its still under development then?

Yes, it’s still under development.

Ok, how long before the staff thinks it can be released?

Let me quote myself.

Oh sorry I didnt knew what ETA meant.

You can simply use both, Nightly and Canary, they are sharing the same user folder with your save files and input configuration.
They can exist in parallel on your computer.

Currently most major parts of the new hardware renderer got already merged into Nightly, you can roughly track the progress here:

I would just make a guess that this or next month Nightly could have the new hardware renderer in place.
Emphasis on “could” as things can get stalled quite easily.