Gpu selector like in Yuzu

Issue: Gpu selector like in Yuzu
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For some of us with a double GPU it is very difficult to make the Nvidia GPU which is the best GPU for Citra since it is only open GL is the one that actually renders, usually the other card, and or intel is the one that takes charge especially when the screen is not connected to the Nvidia video card, Yuzu does not have this issue, you can easily select in Yuzu which video card is going to render and even in a per-game basis, this request is even open on citra github and has been open since 2018! we know now that asking for a Vulkan render is too much to ask since it would involve a lot of code redone and work, but, at least would you be able to pull this request? and place a GPU selector in there as the one Yuzu has? or at least a .ini file or something to select that videocard? Windows 10 is useless and even most of the time Nvidia control panel, yes we already tried zillion times.

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No one involved in the project?

As far as I know Yuzu can’t do what you suggest, so why ask it of Citra?

Hell yes it can, there is a whole section in the graphic setting where you can select a “device” to render, the “device” is the GPU… and you can select which GPU is going to render the game

And it does not need to go back and forth switching screens or using the other GPU display output to render with the other card, it is marvelous because if some games do not render properly with the AMD card or Intel GPU you can use the Nvidia one just by selecting it, and you can do it even on a per game basis, why Citra does not have this feature at least? it has been asked may times before.

Read your screenshot carefully. That’s Vulkan. It’s not possible with OpenGL.