GPU vs CPU in Citra

I have 800 dollars at the moment and I am building a PC with an 8700K (will mostly likely overclock slightly).

My question is: Does Citra rely more on the CPU or GPU?

I am asking this because I want to run 10X Native @30 FPS on this build:

It does not have a dedicated graphics card because I do not have the money for it right now. But I will add a 1080 ti when GPU prices return to at least MSRP (screw miners).

Currently, Citra relies on the CPU single-core performance (which the i7-8700K absolutely destroys) for the most part on the Nightly builds, and removes some CPU load / adds GPU load in the Canary builds (but it also improves performance by a lot for those who have a compatible and dedicated GPU).


I will build it and use the integrated graphics until I can afford a 1080 ti.