Graphic Glitches

graphic glitches in pokemon ultra sun/moon(android)

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[   4.468691] Render.OpenGL <Info> video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.cpp:Init:1267: GL_RENDERER: PowerVR Rogue GM9446
[   4.469866] Render.OpenGL <Info> video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_format_reinterpreter.cpp:ShaderD24S8toRGBA8:291: Texture views are unsupported, reinterpretation will do intermediate copy
[   4.469898] Render.OpenGL <Info> video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_format_reinterpreter.cpp:FormatReinterpreterOpenGL:386: Using shader for D24S8 to RGBA8 reinterpretation

Seems like your phone’s GPU drivers don’t support the stuff that they say they do. Unless you have one of those phones that support different GPU driver modes, which I’m doubting since it’s an entry level GPU at best, you’re out of luck. Your SoC’s manufacturer needs to create better OpenGL drivers for their chips in order to solve this.

I am using oppo reno2 z so problem isn’t fixable?

Not from our end. Your phone’s SoC says they support OpenGL 3.2 extensions that they don’t actually do. So it’s a manufacturer driver issue, not a Citra issue. They’ll need to create better drivers that actually support all of the OpenGL 3.2 specification that they incorrectly claim they already support.

Is there anything i can do about it?

Complain to your phone’s SoC manufacturer? (SoC refers to your CPU and GPU combo; it computes everything on your phone)
There is no immediate “fix” we can apply to solve the issue. Here’s an analogy as an explanation:

Citra = A lumberjack.
Your phone’s SoC = Axe company.

The axe company tells everyone that they have great axes to cut down trees with. So Citra, who wants to cut down a tree, asks the axe company to give Citra an axe to cut that tree with. The axe company then gives Citra a small handsaw. That saw obviously cannot be used to cut down the tree with. But Citra has no choice but to try, resulting in a mess → Citra cannot do the job properly because the tool is inadequate. The axe company lied.

The analogy above applies to the same situation here:
Citra wants to emulate a game, your SoC’s company says that their chip’s GPU drivers support everything Citra needs to do that job. But when Citra tries to use the chip to emulate a game, it finds out that the chip doesn’t actually support all the things Citra needs to emulate the game → Citra cannot do the job properly because the tool (the GPU drivers) is inadequate. The SoC company lied.

All of the above simply means one thing, you cannot do anything about it. The only ones that can make the tool (GPU drivers) for that chip better, is the SoC’s company themselves. So there’s unforunately nothing you or I can do about this currently.

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Thank you for helping

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I tried Pokemon X and graphics are fine but sometimes my FPS and speed getting lower and sound glitches (sorry for mistakes.English isn’t my native language)
citra_log.txt (63.6 KB)

I guess it says same thing about OpenGL but graphics doesn’t glitch

That’s very possible. The log file is still correct in saying that there are driver components missing. It just so happens that Pokemon X in this case doesn’t strictly require the components that your chip’s drivers don’t support that end up causing graphical issues, whilst pokemon (ultra) sun/moon do(es). Badly optimized OpenGL drivers are probably also causing the performance issues that you are currently experiencing.

This is why it’s tricky to provide support for this. We don’t strictly know what exactly the impact of these incomplete drivers are from game to game because we don’t make the drivers. It’s hit or miss.

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