Graphical errors in Inazuma Eleven Go Light

Hello, I come to report a problem in the game Inazuma Eleven Go Light.

It so happens that I recently wanted to replay Inazuma Eleven Go Light in the latest version of Citra Canary 2404. In 2020 I could not finish the game for different reasons and I also played it with Citra Canary of that year.

But recently I noticed that this latest version of Citra Canary 2404 has graphical problems with the game that the previous version did not have (The latest version of Citra Nightly has these same graphical problems).

So I looked for that 2020 version of Citra Canary which did not have these graphical problems with the game and found it. It was Citra Canary 1637. I also tested the game in the next version (Citra Canary 1638) and found the same graphical problems that this 1638 version has in the current version 2404.

These graphical problems occur after talking to a character. When you talk to the next character the background fails and leaves the image of the moment you talk to the previous character. This always happens when talking to a character that appears large.

Screenshot in Citra Canary 1637 which does not have these graphic problems:

Screenshots on Citra Canary 1638 which has these graphical problems (Same situations):

Screenshots in Citra Canary 2404 which to this day still has these same graphical problems (Same situations):

I also noticed that on Citra Canary 1637 the game does not have these graphical errors, but it runs slower (In the screenshots above you can see my fps). On the other hand, in Citra Canary 1638 the game has these graphical errors, but runs much faster.
Also, in all versions of Citra Canary that I tested I used the same configuration.

My purpose is only to inform to help you at least a little to find the cause of these graphical problems and that surely also affect other games. I am almost sure that I cannot solve this problem by modifying the emulator settings. I hope this report can help to improve the emulator in future updates.

Thanks also for creating this wonderful emulator.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-7200U
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
  • Citra Version: Canary 2404
  • Game: Inazuma Eleven Go Light

Diagnostic Log

In order to save a copy of the log, follow this guide:

This build is the last one before a major change to our graphical backend, so it would be helpful if you could test this one out: Release nightly-1782 · citra-emu/citra-nightly · GitHub
It would help significantly in narrowing down exactly what change broke this.

I tested that nightly version and found the same graphical problems. Even so, I kept testing the previous nightly versions until I got to the version that does not have these graphic problems. So I tested the following versions:

Nightly 1782: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1781: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1780: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1779: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1577: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1518: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1466: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1465: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1464: Same graphic problems.
Nightly 1463: It works well, it has no graphic problems.

It should be noted that I always made sure that I had the same configuration in all the versions I tested.

This means that there was a change that was applied to Nightly 1464 that broke this:

On the other hand, I noticed something in all the versions I tested that have graphic problems. If I change the texture filter, the graphics are fixed for a moment.

I will explain this with screenshots of nightly 1782 (which has graphical problems). But as I said before, the same thing happens in all the versions that have these graphical problems and that I tested.

You can see the graphical problems in the background as usually happens with the texture filter: none. Below is a screenshot:

But then if I change the texture filter to xBRZ freescale at the same instant and without restarting the emulator, the graphic problem is corrected for that moment:

Then, if I continue with that same texture filter: xBRZ freescale and I talk to the next character, the graphical problems reappear. All this happens without restarting the emulator:

And finally if I change the texture filter back to none at that same moment and without restarting the emulator, the graphic problem is solved again for that moment.

And so on.

It should be noted that the same is true when switching between any texture filter and not only when switching between texture filter: none to texture filter: xBRZ freescale. Also, if I start the emulator with any texture filter the same graphical problems occur.

So maybe these graphical problems are related to the texture filter.

I hope I have helped to find the reasons that cause these graphical problems.

I would be happy to continue to help in any way I can or test other versions of the emulator if necessary.