Graphical glitch on kirby star allies on performing effects

Hello, just wanted to report this error on kirby star allies on yuzu recent build, i recorded the log in EA but happens with mainline as well
yuzu_log.txt (1.1 MB)
as well a video of that the error is :
yuzu Early Access 1478 _ Kirby Star Allies 2021-03-08 22-23-35_1

Update GPU Driver 461.72 and get latest Yuzu Early Access 1509 and see how it looks.

i’d really not update my GPU drivers as latest one removes old nvidia physx and breaks quite a lot of games including two that I play, batman arkham knight and sunset overdrive

I’ll update to latest yuzu build and see how it goes
Edit : updated to latest mainline and EA 1509, same result. here is the latest log and screencap:
yuzu_log.txt (1015.9 KB)

the wiki page seems unreliable, SMO is apparently also okay status but it has zero graphical glitches , unlike kirby here

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