Graphical issues with Canary on AMD and Intel GPUs

UPDATE (6/11/2018) The graphical issues with AMD and Intel GPUs should be fixed now.

UPDATE (4/2/2018) New update to the hardware renderer! Some AMD driver crashes are fixed in the latest Canary build - try it out and let us know if it helps!

For those of you who are experiencing issues with Canary builds, we are aware that the new GPU option for Shader Emulation is causing issues with some AMD and Intel GPUs. This new feature is still in review and is work-in-progress which is why it is only found in Canary, an experimental testing ground.

You may experience blackscreens and/or glitchy graphics.

The issue is being worked on. In the mean time change Shader Emulation back to CPU. You can change this by navigating to Emulation -> Configure and changing Shader Emulation to CPU in the Graphics tab.



I also have to disable “Accurate Hardware Shader” on Radeon R9 280X.
I hope AMD can support Shader Emulation on citra someday

I have an Amd Rx 570 and I don’t get glitches, simply games (Pokémon ORAS and USUM) crash as soon as I open them with Citra Canary.

It’s worth noting that, on all GPUs, disabling accurate hardware shaders will improve performance anyways.

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Mine simply lags all the time… I have a Intel i7 it shouldnt be this way… i’ve always had troubles with Citra emulator of any kind… for some reason I wish someone could help me because I really love to play pokemon omega ruby :'C and sometimes I lag all over when i go into battles when i enter a new city I wonder why…

This doesn’t say anything. A laptop i7 can be easily beaten by a desktop Pentium processor in terms of single core performance.

except that it runs GTA 5 and Mortak Kombat XL smoothly for example lol

That doesn’t matter. Emulation has different requirements than running normal games on your PC.

Clearly… I’m using another laptop that runs it perfectly but I never understood how it needs to be that powerful… My bf computer is more recent yeah but I didnt imagine that would be the problem judging by the fact that this one runs such heavy pc games x. X

Those requirements are about computer power or something else…?

Citra usually cared about CPU’s single core performance, but since the GPU update is live in Canary, a lot of the requirements moved to your GPU instead. If the mode didn’t work for you, teh CPU method still requires the previous requirements.

Software gpu req., read the update on this new feature support only Geforce, moderate on intel, bad on amd GPU. Whats your GPU?

Mine is a GeForce :’( I don’t know what’s going on then… I do have the updated and I’m using canary which should work better but I don’t see it happening at all it lags like hell but the laptop os a 5th generation i7 with GeForce on it… While the other laptop I have is a 7th generation i7 also with GeForce and it runs no problem maybe it’s that I donno… If u know the right configuration or something I’d thank you because this last laptop isn’t mine it’s my bfs laptop and every time I want to play Pokémon I have to ask him if we can trade laptops kind of stressful…

Do you have the “Shader Emulation” on Emulation - Configure - Graphics set to GPU? If you don’t, set it back to that.

used to be like this but in the last generation because of the competition with amd the mobile processor from intel sufered from a absurd leap on performance

in intel core of 3rd generation with HD 4000 graphics does not work, when trying to open a game, the video driver restarts and the emulator stops responding

Is there any progress in a fix for this yet? I’m personally not affected by it (both my devices run NVIDIA gpus and it work fine with it) but considering my laptop can run some games already at full speed at 1080p while using the Intel intergrated graphics (with massive graphical glitches) do I have some high hopes for the performance of Citra on devices that lack a dedicated GPU.

Runs surprisingly well on mine n i’m only on i3 can’t on CPU but gpu is ok. For Pokemon ultra anyway… Only problem is it freezes like every 10 mins… The game carries on running but the image doesn’t return… Have to do a blind save and reload the game.

Of you guys can get it running this well sure you can fix a few freezes :wink: