Graphical issues with Canary on AMD and Intel GPUs

It seems it works with Intel GPUs now, but it glitches a bit

What iGPU do you have?

only says: intel celeron CPU 3215U 1.70GHz 1.70 GHz

@Hexagon12 my iGPU is Intel HD 4000. The glitches i’m talking about are like the glitches from before, but they only happen for less than half a second, and they happen constantly, but for the rest of the time the game looks normal. Still way less buggy than before.

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UPDATE: Try out the latest Canary build (483) for those who had flickering issues with Nvidia GPUs.
The change was to fix the uniform buffer from *2 to *1 while still keeping the AMD *2 in vertex buffer.
I would request all AMD users to retest for possible regressions with the new update!


That fixed the issue for me! Thank you :star_struck:

Overall, the speed boost given by the GPU config isn’t much, but it definitely runs better

EDIT: Actually scratch that, i tested it in a place where it lagged quite a bit, without the FPS limiter, and it actually got a 20 FPS boost. That’s incredible

It seems that for Mac users we couldn’t select the use of GPU/ CPU. Would it be a feature to be implemented in Mac version soon? And as far as I observe this feature has been merged to nightly too.

The GPU function has been renamed to Enable Hardware Shader.

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i download the latest canary version already but i still doesn’t have the GPU option

Again, this is what it has been renamed to.

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Yet again, that’s the options new name.

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