Graphical issues with Canary on AMD and Intel GPUs


not only this fixes crashes but also improves performance on some games (majora’s mask)
additionally it works occasionally (SM3DL)


FYI: The AMD side is now fixed with the latest Canary releases. Change the Shader Emulation back from CPU to GPU to see the effect.


That’s great news! Maybe update the first post?

Still wonder if Intel can be fixed. I have heard from other projects that their IGPUs can be a pain to work with. Dunno if that is still the case and/or Citra will experience similair problems.


It seems the latest Canary Build gets the GPU working to more games now with an AMD Graphics Card. At least for me it does works now.


I tested this build 443 recently launched and is working wonderfully well, in my humble Rig _FX6300 + R9270X, Pokemon Ultra Moon is at 54fps - 70fps without speed limit


Thanks for the update - it seems to fix the driver crash on game load :slight_smile:
However performance has decreased for me in a number of games (using GPU instead of CPU):

Majoras mask (clock town) GPU: 18fps CPU 34fps
Pokemon ultra moon (start area) GPU: 56fps (with rendering bugs) CPU 25fps (with same rendering bugs)
Zelda A Link Between worlds (start area) GPU 18-27fps (with significant rendering bugs) CPU: 37-50fps (with no rendering bugs)

Pokemon ultra moon has a nice performance bump though

Intel i5 4460
8gb ram
AMD rx 580 8GB (driver 18.3.4)
Canary Build - 155bb24


i was playing SM3DL yesterday (Shader Emulation=GPU) with the latest canary build (155bb24) and it was working fine, but today it crashes right about the intro, it has been like this for the past week, if i can just get past the intro i can play for hours, other times i can’t even launch no matter how many times i try, same or different canary builds.
using amd legacy gpu.
very similar problems with TLoZ:ALBW


wwylele is still making a lot of changes to GPU pipeline (some speed ups, iiuc), so that might be the case. Are you updating regularly?


Man. I can wait until they fix the issue for intel core users. I want to play with no lag in animal crossing new leaf :frowning:


my tests so far:

Games that runs better (performance) with Shader Emulation = CPU:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D EUR (some characters have their vertices flying around with SE= GPU)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D EUR (some characters have their vertices flying around with SE= GPU)
Super Smash Bros. 3DS EUR (crashes sometimes with SE = GPU)
Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

Games that Shader Emulation = GPU crashes in-game:
(note: runs with SE=CPU)

Mario Kart 7 EUR
Star Fox 64 3D EUR
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds EUR
Mii Maker
Super Mario 3D Land EUR (works sometimes)

Games that never crashed (so far in my tests) with Shader Emulation = GPU

Metroid: Samus Returns EUR
Monster Hunter Generations EUR

HD 6750 1GB (Driver Version 16.2.1 legacy pre-gcn)
Phenom II X4 840
WiN 7 x64 Ultimate


So I fixed my issues with AMD graphics,Firstly run game with Software backhend then change it to gpu then cpu then gpu wait a few second before doing anything.that fixed it for should be in menu’s while doing this not in a game.I run all games now with gpu backhend.On Canary Head-155bb24.


Wait, what do you mean? You said, “firstly you must RUN the game”. And then you say you shouldn’t be in game while doing this? When do you exit out of the game for the rest of the steps? Can you please re-explain in great detail???

Much appreciated =)


render bug in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


CPU: i5 6600
GPU: rx 470
citra version: canary 445


set shader emulation to CPU, not that you need but it will also improve performance.


some other issues:

  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: the fps is about 30-40% with gpu render but 80% with cpu render

  2. The Great Ace Attorney: the fps of the first CG is about 50%, I have an unofficial version with fmv hack, if I changed the fmv hack value to 28000, then the fps of the first CG is 100%.

CPU: i5 6600
GPU: rx 470
citra version: canary 445


I do not find that option in citra nightly


That’s because this feature is only available on the latest Canary builds.


another issue on The Great Ace Attorney 2

the gpu utilization is always 100% at Inferential Theater, I think it is abnormal, maybe a bug of the gpu render.

the fps is about 66%.

CPU: i5 6600
GPU: rx 470
RAM: 16G


That’s normal. It means your GPU is capped out. What internal resolution are you playing at?



I think rx 470 is enough for emulating 3ds. Because mostly the gpu average load is about 10%~20%.