Graphical issues with Canary on AMD and Intel GPUs


Some games work properly with AMD cards, and some do not.


Maybe the AMD’s OPENGL performance much slower than NV.
Do you have any suggestion?


“In menu’s while doing this not in a game” This meant that you should be in game’s menu not in actual gameplay.If u do it whilst in gameplay game crashes.You start game with software then gpu then cpu then gpu AND then actually get into gameplay.


IT WORKED!! tnx man! :smiley:
i have amd gpu


and how can I solve the problem


i tried your method before and didn’t work, but now i see what you mean, i thought “software” as CPU.

that trick worked for all the games i tested. however SE=GPU still either slow, slower than CPU or buggy (geometry mess).


today’s update fixed the fps issue of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds with gpu render.
(I tested it again and found nothing changed, the issue still exist)


the gpu load 100% is caused by Accurate Hardware Shader. If it is not selected, then the gpu load is normal (though still a bit high, but not always 100%).


are you sure? for me CPU still faster (and less buggy), could you verify which is faster for you with framelimit turned off?


Sorry, I tested it again and found it is samed as last version.
Maybe I forget changed the setting from cpu back to gpu.


I already said that you need to download the latest Canary build to see the options.


Fire Emblem Awakining - crashes select archer units, last update


CPU: AMD FX 8150
GPU: AMD Radeon R7 260x

Back in Canary build 434 (from last week), there were no graphical glitches but games crashed within seconds of starting them. Now with build 447, there are no crashes :smiley:

Love you Citra team!


Im not gonna lie, the ‘‘FIX’’ indeed fix the glitches & crash but in my case i lose 8-12 fps in every game.


last week i was playing ultra moon all night without a crash, stick it on today and it’s crashing every 10 mins again… what happened?


Would be cool f we could use mobile as second screen so we can fullscreen all games…


Using Citra Head-b40c597 Canary

Seems the games crash if I have any window open at all in my Second Window, and if I tab out or have anything up not minimized as well Specially discord or Firefox, if I minimize these so they aren’t visable/rendered the game runs fine no crashing.

Other than that if only the Emulator is by itself it won’t crash on the few games I’ve tested.
Pokemon Ultra Sun
Monster Hunter XX
Final Fantasy Explorers

May or may not have some other background process could creep in and crash it but haven’t had one yet so keeping my second monitor screen space empty and all windows minimized for the time being.

Good job Citra team with these updates!



I am new at using the Citra emulator, I am playing the Pokémon Ultra Sun on a Surface Pro 4.
The performance is stable using the Canary Build on native resolution.
However, I have regular freezes. The game continuos playing, but the image stops. I can even save the game while the game is on that state, then reboot the emulator, and is working again.
On the command window, I get this error:
“[1042.442356] Service core/hle/service/service.cpp:ReportUnimplementedFunction:163: unknown / unimplemented function ‘SetProbeResponseParam’: port=‘nwm::UDS’ cmd_buf={[0]=0x210080, [1]=0x321f00, [2]=0x40000}”
I hope this helps sort out the problem



What dr_narra mentioned also happens to me. The game runs fine for a while and then freezes for a second. After this it starts back playing and I can hear the music in the background and use the buttons/touch screen to save via my memory of where the save button is on the screen or what button brings up the save option, but the visual output is completely frozen. I am using a Intel GPU (HD520) and it happens in most games including Pokemon Sun/Moon, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam etc.

Citra image freezes but the game continue!

same as JBRdatascience here, I’ve tested all my games and it freeze out of nowhere, then the sound comes back, I can save the game. But I’ve to reboot citra