Grey Screen Issue: Mac

After a day of not playing, I come back to play Pokemon Ultra Moon. I start the game and am met with a grey screen. I thought it was an issue with that game so I try Omega Ruby but have little to no results. Instead of a grey screen, It’s just a black screen. This is on canary and when I switched over to Nightly the issue wasn’t there and i was able to play my games without an issue. I also duel boot Windows on my Mac, and tried on there but Canary and the same game worked without issue, unlike on my Mac

the shared fonts is missing, thats why you cant play ORAS
for sm and usum, it should work perfectly fine

I have the shared fonts, and none of them work :confused:

Did you try tweaking the “Accurate Hardware Shader” setting? Also we need the log.

turn Accurate Hardware Shader off and try playing a 3DS game

Switch shader emulation from GPU to CPU in the graphics settings

ah help how do I do that… I have the same issue and I use mac

Turn off Enable Hardware Shader.

exactly… how do i get there

Turn On Citra
On the left side of your screen, press Citra an you should see this. Press Preferences. After that, I don’t really know

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thx for telling me… never would have found out on my own

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