Gyro control support?

It seems there hasn’t been a thread about this particular aspect in about a year, so I thought I’d ask and see if there were any plans to add this. I can’t advance past a very early stage in Kirby Triple Deluxe without gyro controls (it requires you to tilt the 3ds to solve a puzzle). Even if adding gyro controls isn’t possible, would it be possible to make it something you can bind to an analog stick? I guess to not overlap other binded analog stick controls, you’d have to connect another controller (A Switch Joy Con would work well I think). It would be really fantastic if I could get all the way through the Kirby games.

For now, motion control is done by dragging and holding the right mouse button along the window and yes a developer is working on controller improvements. One of which is gyro controls with Dualshock 4s.

Oh wow, I had no idea that was possible! Thank you for letting me know about this.