Hardly able to launch Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hello folks !
First, I’d like to preface my post with a general ‘thank you’ to mods for helping the community out. Helped me a bunch of times !
I come here with a rather infuriating issue because of how many fixes I tried without succeeding completely. So I used to play ACNH a few months ago and it worked rather fine. Tried to get back to it recently and at first it crashed during launch (before any launch bar shows up) and now it just shows a blue bar and doesn’t get past that. A few times have I been able to have the blue and red bar and the game to finally launch and play it but today, it got back to its shenanigans without me touching any settings. I tried different Yuzu versions, twitching settings, resetting settings, upgrading my Nvidia pilots, increase page file size, etc. I’m so upset I can’t understand what is going on here. Could be my specs (PC not super duper good) but I used to play fine and can play the other games I own.

:warning: Your log was deleted due to potential piracy. We don’t support illegal activities. Please dump the game from your console and then upload another log if the issue persists.