Hardware Renderer Updates


Cheers to great people who made this


Great update, but with my Rx 570 4gb Citra (Gpu version) freezes and crashes in the moment I open Pokémon roms (USUM and ORAS). However, if I set to Cpu mode (I have a Ryzen 3 1200) the game runs just normal. I hope with some time you will fix this Amd “bug”. Thank you anyway =)


We removed the broken gas mode recently so the cutscenes shouldn’t look foggy.


Amazing job, it’s really a great speed increase. Unfortunately AMD has always had problems with emulators, but I hope it can be solved :slight_smile:


Absolutely remarkable. Pokemon Ultra sun went from having the occasional slowdowns and always getting slowdowns in doubles battles. to running at 100% for everything but the intro video (which everyone skips anyways)
Bravo! Bravo! Thank you devs.


Yeah, but I don’t skip the intro video. :wink:


I don’t the first time. But i usually do, just because i want to get into the game faster.


It’s still foggy in talking scenes n maybe in the fights too


Thanks to the Dev’s!!! Now Pokemon Ultra Sun run’s in 90% of case in 100% Speed, i’am so happy :slight_smile: . But one bug i have noticed. I use a Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and i have every time to remap my keysetting then i restart the Emulator or the Controller go’es off. I must restore to default and then remap. I hope you can fix that, thanks! (I hope you can read my “english” xD)

PC Spec’s(Yes Low maschine xD):
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 1GB VRam


Big bump speed on GPU mode, mine got add more than 20% speed increase, before just below 20 fps and now 30 fps on MHXX eng patched and USUM :laughing: . But with missing menu, text, and black screen ( only MHXX whose get this bugs). And for ORAS is immediately stopped after start screen.

My spec is CPU : Intel Core i3 2330m 2.1 Ghz
GPU : AMD Radeon 6370m

On latest supported driver Radeon Crimson version 16 for my legacy gpu.


AMD doesn’t work with the update yet. Please see the above posts before replying.


I’m really hopeful you guys can make this work with AMD and it makes it into the nightly build within a few months. It seems like you’ve finally solved Citra’s biggest problem.


Hello im using intel core 2 duo celeron, with intel hd. Mine is a custom build laptop by asus and they stop support 2008 so its been 10 yrs last time i update my graphic drivers. I dont think mine support openGL well when i play using GPU graphic goes wacko, im sticking with CPU. ORAS is playable by the way, i just check right now on citra-emu.org list of supported game, says its non-bootable. Just making report.


You can update the article of you like. And if you can play the games on CPU, you should be able to on GPU. Did you try tweaking the Accurate Hardware Shader setting?


Thank you, im just new didn’t know new mem have enough authority to edit that list. Btw ill make sure to try tweaking that accuracy switch. Last time i play i just let on by default.

Edited: i just tried your way and bloody hell it killed ORAS. i tried tweaking and combo (openGL CPU with AHR and Etc.) the worst scenario my GPU crashed. Though its still playable in nightly build. But using in Canary openGL as backend either Cpu or Gpu it won’t boot at all. On USUM, well its like player is walking while doing H stuffs with naked shauna along the way.didn’t post a pic cuz i dont think its appropriate. but the crazy part, i haven’t started my first trial.


so sad i have FX6300 and AMD R9 270X and get black screen in some games :frowning:


the same thing happens to me every time i try to play pokemon sun or ultra sun it crashes.


Hey all I get this while trying to play. This happens if I have “Accurate Hardware Shader” ticked or unticked. If i Untick “Enable shader JIT” Citra just crashes completely and closes all the windows.

Hope this screen grab helps guys!


It seems to crash with my R9 390 and what seems to be every other AMD card, so I can’t seem to take advantage of this :c, how soon can this be fixed?! D:


I believe an AMD driver developer is looking into the issue. In its current state, these changes won’t be merged to nightly.