Hardware Renderer Updates


I think they still haven’t fixed the issues with AMD users yet, cause I’m also using r5 m330, runs for a bit of 2 secs then crashes. I’m on a laptop btw


im on intel hd graphics 4000 and when i select gpu it flashes like crazy is their a fix coming for this soon?


Please check the first pinned post on our forums for the fix.


i cant find it could i have a link to it



It made me continue Pokémon Sun. Thankx!!O:-) O:-)


Guys i just wanna ask . Does Monster Hunter Generations now run on Citra if i download the bleeding edge builds or Canary build ?


Yes, it was always working and it works now fine. Just don’t download the Bleeding Edge builds, they’re unsupported.


For 3 years I have been waiting. Thank you very much! running smooth on my new helios 300. I will wait for the save state and cheat code. wow. god bless you all!


I know that GPU mode isn’t working for many AMD GPUs, just thought I would report that it also is not working properly (Fps of 0) on my AMD Radeon HD 8400 as I have not seen any reports with this specific GPU. Keep up the good work and I hope you guys figure it out. This will certainly be a huge step forward once the issues have been figured out. On a side note, I once got it working on Pokemon Ultra Moon by switching to GPU mode after it had already loaded in. Though I haven’t been able to replicate it, so that was basically just a fluke. Still thought I would mention it though as I know pretty much nothing about coding, and when trying to help with something you know nothing about you never know what tidbit might be useful.


Finnaly after years this emulator has good performance on my PC that isn’t nowhere low-end! Thanks god! I used to have 20-25fps while in exteriors in Pokemon Omega Ruby with the native resolution,and now I can run with stable 30fps with 10x the native resolution! (Yeah it has some lag spikes when you change map,or use one item,or open the menu,but nothing seriously and they really don’t bother at all!) Thank you so much! Now I don’t feel like I have a shitty PC like I do in some other emulators not worth talking about. My specs just for the record:
GTX 1050TI 4GB
AMD FX-8350 8-core 4ghz
28gb of RAM DDR3


Amd cpu with gtx gpu, never tried that combo. So hows the compatibility performance wise? No cpu to gpu problems?


They’re perfectly compatable, performance shouldn’t be effected. An AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU should have about the same CPU performance as an AMD CPU with an AMD Radeon GPU.


Is anyone else having problems with the USUM and SM pokemon image? Like the image of Rotom doesn’t appear ou blurred


Please create a new support thread with the template filled out for us to help you properly.


Just thought I would report, with the most recent update GPU mode is working on my AMD Radeon HD 8400. Thanks for the hard work!


Is the Hardware Renderer merged into the nightly builds yet?


No. Only Canary builds have it.


Thanks for the info. Any estimated time on when it will be added to the nightly builds?


We can’t give an ETA, especially when some people are experiencing random crashes / freezes and some Intel HD cards simply do not work.