Hardware Renderer Updates


moderator senpai, the new update on canary build is so fast but when i play pokemon US, it goes flashing screen specially on rotom screen, is this the error your talking about not compatible with AMD/INTEL GPU?

BTW, my spec is

WIN 10 64BIT
intel® core™ i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20 GHz (4 CPUs) ~ 3.2GHz
Intel® HD Graphics 4600


Try disabling Accurate Hardware Shader in Emulation - Configure - Graphics.


wow!! thanks moderator senpai, its fix now, and it feels much faster than nightly

best regards:
CITRA team


Thank you so much for this change! Its amazing to hear youre still providing extreme changes such as this, the development on Yuzu made me afraid this was gonna be left in the dirt.
Is there any updates on being able to use mouse to control the camera in 3rd person games? Maybe its just the way its made, but having to use WASD to look in DragonBall Fusions is veryyy odd.
And as always, thanks for your continued development and support!


I would make a separate support topic for that (You probably won’t need to fill out the template, just give info such as what the controls would be on a real 3DS.).


All the basic functions work with the GPU option, however there is some problems displaying 2d textures in Sun/Moon…Screenshot%20(37) Nvidia Gpu


Can you try turning off Accurate Hardware Shader in Emulation - Configure - Graphics?


Is it able to handle dual AMD GPU that is crossfire? I’m using AMD RX 480 8GB but I didn’t enable crossfire since my other GPU is on my other computer so I can’t switch it without opening and removing all the wires.

The new build is awesome. Now my computer is now able to play perfect on all games that is compatible.


Yes. In fact, GPU rendering wont work with it ON, idk whats going on. ive tried everything


Hello, my gpu is AMD RX 580 8GB. In Zelda A Link Between Worlds the fps are 30-40 in some areas. Do you have this problems?


No. Full speed is 60 fps.


Sorry for that, most games run at 30fps but turns out this one runs a 60fps.

Please open a new support request with all the necessary information. I don’t think its on topic.


Canary build f69feeb doesn’t have this feature. Did it get removed or not?

No shader emulation on f69feeb canary

It got renamed to Enable Hardware Shader.


Actually, yes they did. They dropped the GT/GTX starting at the 900M series.

I myself have a GT 740M gpu.


Like I said, the 800 series did not have gt models. It has nothing to do with the 700 series


My fps problems:


No renderer option in Canary build. Help plz


the old Shader Emulation dropdown list with CPU and GPU options are now the checkbox ‘Enable Hardware Shader’, checked is equal to the old GPU option and unchecked equal to the old CPU option and Accurate Hardware Shader is now both (updated) Accurate Multiplication and Accurate Geometry Shader.


Please make an Intel Hardware Update…I only have a laptop with an intel inside…I dont have any money to buy a gaming computer or a 3ds… Your emulator is the way to play pokemon US UM…pls