Harvest Moon Take of Two Towns - Some Graphical Issues

The game looks really blurry, specially the text which is quite harmful for the eyes after a while. Increasing the resolution does a help a bit but is still quite noticeable.
There’s also a weird graphical glitch when I use any resolution improvement, some black lines in the ground and around the characters.
I tried several settings and disabling the hardware renderer removes some of the blurred text, but the fps is too low to make the game playable.
I uploaded several screenshots to show the issue. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

System Information
Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Text don’t scale with increasing the resolution so they will look noticeable worse. As for the black lines on the ground and around characters, I don’t notice it at 5X resolution. Some logs might help.

If you watch carefully there’s a thin black line coming out between the bed and the chest. For some reason this line doesn’t show in the native resolution or with the hardware renderer turned off. Same thing for the black line around the edges of the characters.
Here’s a log as requested (playing at 5x resolution):
log.txt (7.9 KB)

I believe texture forwarding (which hasn’t had much development on it since it was merged) still has issues rendering with some games. This maybe one of the cases of it.

Well hopefully down the line there will be some improvements, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

What @Leo121 said.
Also these lines likely exist on a real 3DS, but they are probably like… 0.4 pixels wide (so whatever takes 0.6 of the pixel will be shown, the black line is invisible). If you scale it up by a factor of 2 the 0.4 wide line will be 0.8 (rounded up and hence deserve a full pixel = visible!) and the 0.6 part will be 1.2 pixels = 1 pixel wide too.

This can cause some unexpected objects to appear and objects to get blocky / look like steps.
Depending on how the object is drawn they’ll get very blurry. We can fix that blur (using “Texture upscaling”), but it won’t happen anytime soon.

tl;dr: Bugs in the game (at non 3DS resolutions), not in Citra. Unlikely it will be fixed.