Haswell i5 class CPU not good enough?

I have an i5 4670 and i can’t run any game full speed. Well, i only have 2 games Mario Kart and Starfox. Mario Kart runs OK in trial mode with some slowdowns but not very good with AI opponents. Starfox is very slow (about 40-70% of full speed). My VGA card is the Nvidia 1060.

Is this normal for my system? Just want to make sure i’m not doing something wrong, i’m new with the emulator. Is there anything i can do to improve performance? Any tips and tricks?

Thanks in advance

This is normal.

Citra is still in it’s early days. Most games don’t run at full speed even on the best computers.

Make sure to turn off VSYNC
I had the same issue as you until I turned off VSync than I could run most games past 100%