Have audio pitch change with speed (like in Dolphin?)

This may be an odd inquiry, but is it possible in Citra to actually have the audio shift in pitch accordingly with the emulation speed much in the same way that Dolphin behaves when “Enable audio stretching” is unchecked?

I’m aware that LLE behaves this way, but that’s just incredibly slow…and I’m only running a dual core, so the multi-threaded LLE audio doesn’t really help much.

(although my CPU is only a dual core, it is however a 4.6GHz Haswell, so at least for emulators that don’t need more than two threads such as Dolphin, bsnes, etc, it’s more than enough - but this is my first time trying Citra and I’m unfamiliar with how much use it gets from having more than 2 CPU cores)

Yeah I want this feature too. When I saw an option called Enable Audio Stretching I thought that’s what it’d do. It’d be sick if more emulators had this feature.