Having issue getting a dusk form lycanroc

Hi guys, I am having issue getting a dusk form lycanroc in Pokémon Ultra Sun.

I tried PKhex but it was an older version.So i downloaded the latest but i is also not working because it demands .NET framework 4.6 to be installed,i tried to install it but i can’t.I tried a lot but i cannot install it.
Now that there is no way to get it, i was wondering if anyone has a main file for citra in which there is a dusk form lycanroc.You can email me the link to download it.Please help me.
I will trade that lycanroc to my game in citra.If anyone has another idea please share it with me.

Tagging this as offtopic since this is more about PKHeX and not Citra.

Sorry i am new.
Do you have any ideas about my problem.:sweat_smile:

HEY! please reply anyone really want dusk lycanroc.

Here’s a help forum for PKHeX:

You’re better off going to the official PKHeX forum as if you can manage to get it running, you wont need to borrow a save file. Also, the pokemon is a rare event pokemon so it’s going to be hard to get that very specific pokemon without luckily finding someone else who used PKHeX or using it yourself.

Hope this helps!