HD texture packs in Citra?

Heya! I’ve been following Citra for a few years now and the progress has been just insane. I recently read some posts from earlier this year asking about HD texture pack support (being able to load custom textures from a folder on your PC and replace the old textures with the new higher resolution ones) and apparently someone was working on it at the time and another said it would be relatively easy to implement when the new texture cache had been implemented. I’ve not heard anything of it since, but does anyone know if it’s still happening sometime soon? I can’t wait to start working on retexturing some of my favorite 3DS games (OOT 3D especially!) so any news regarding this would be heavenly.

Edit: I decided to make a small comparison between the original 3DS, Citra’s built in upscaling and traditional texture upscaling w/ minor touches. This is the reason we need HD texture pack support! :grin:


Lol, I’ve been thinking the same thing for a few months now. The games definitely look better on Citra than they do on the original hardware, but I still think a few could really use updated textures.

devs pls respond to this message :frowning:
im waiting to for that feature too
i want to retexture kirby games :confused:

Awesome! that would be really cool. but the main focus of citra devs, currently is accuracy of the emulator. then again when they finish that, it will make citra very stable and does allow us normal users to do anything with ease. so lets wait a little longer, i been wanting gameshark to be fully functional myself :wink: