Hello, could someone help me with my problem? is that I barely give settings my yuzu freezes

As the title says, as soon as I give configurations, the yuzu proceeds to freeze and stop serving therefore I cannot configure it

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

What is your system specs and open task manager and see if your CPU, Ram, HDD are running at 100%, you have multiple programs running.
And if you want your Windows to run better check this tutorial.

Then try this Update GPU Driver.

it’s updated

Then backup you prod.keys and delete yuzu folder and try again opening yuzu settings, and driver is 466.11 latest 14.04.2021.

It also crashes even if I delete the folder and have it 0

I don’t know why trying to open the settings it freezes for no apparent reason

You need to dump keys from your Nintendo Switch.

Try uninstall yuzu and delete yuzu folders from Local and Roaming, and reinstall again and see if it works.

and where is the local yuzu folder by default?

it keeps crashing, I had also installed and uninstalled it several times before

Do you have streaming program that is ruining, and what Antivirus you use.

my antivirus is windows defender

k, Windows 10 Antivirus that shouldn’t create problems, do you have any streaming program like Bandicam.
Read this.

I don’t have any streaming program

Do you have this program OBS or other screen recording.
Another solution.

I am out off solutions, you must wait for @GoldenX86 he is part off the Yuzu Team, and he can provide better solutions than me.

Check if you have Action, Bandicam, or an outdated OBS. If you do, uninstall them.

Also, don’t use Driver Booster, it will not provide the latest version. Use the link you were provided with.