Hello, I play Mario & Luigi Bowser inside Story + Bowser jr.'S journey, and I can not tilt the screen. (I tried to keep right click on the touch screen it did not work)

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You mean rotate the screen for some boss fight that uses a 90 degree orientation? if so than no, you cannot.

You could always try tilting your head sideways, :rofl:.

If you have a broadcasting software like OBS I think you could capture each screen separately and then transform the two sources and rotate those 90 degrees. It may not actually rotate the screens in the emulator but it’s a workaround.

This should really be a feature in Citra as there are a few games that are played at a 90 degree rotation, it a very small number of games though, so I don’t think this feature would be a priority.

That’s exactly what I did, hurt his neck :joy:

Yes , use a 90 degree orientation . You know how to do ?

He has already replied to you, “No, you cannot”.

but you know, i just tried what @Captain_Ironclaw mentioned with OBS and it actually works quite nicely, create a new scene, add a source as “Capture specific window”, set window as “citra-qt.exe + game name etc…” then right click on the preview canvas and click on transform > rotate and then select “Windowed Projector” which will create a new window for you.

i’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble though.