Hello just wanted to share this with users working on the nightly and day builds

Yes I was playing star fox 64 3D, european rom, most everything plays decently at the moment.
The only problems I ran into was solar, one of venoms satellite bases, and venom halfway into the planet.
Playing upside down especially against a boss isn’t my cup of tea.
Attached is a full normal play through so you can see what its like and what isses I’ve run into.
I think the problem is with some of the models and one of the kernels in citra that renders textures, lighting and whatever else junk that makes it play.
Staff team if you see this please bring the volunteer programmers and the main programmer themselves here.
So they can look at it first hand, test it,verify and refix it over time.

I don’t need any help but thought I might bring that up.
Oh yeah the second boss music needs some really good fine tuning.
Mainly the one that has monkey mech suit, and the runaway mole bastard in macbeth. >_>

My pc specs are included in the video details, merry christmas and thanks for listening.

citra_log.txt (1.9 MB)

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