Help! Can someone give me their savefile on Detective Pikachu?

Apparently there was a power outage in our community while i’m playing Detective Pikachu. Once I loaded Citra back and got back to the game my save file was missing. I tried to find save files online but I can’t seem to find one since its a new game. So does anyone have a save file for Detective Pikachu? Any help is appreciated

BTW I’m at chapter 8 in the game.

try to find one on YouTube

I still can’t seem to find one dude. Thanks though!

How far along are you? So far I’m at the “new job” if you want my save.

Ohh you mean the chapter where you join PCL? I’m pretty much far from there (Like 5 chapters far) but I’ll take it over nothing. Thanks in advance! :smiley: